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Your Slides Suck

Author: David Henson ISBN: 9781907282782 Paperback, illustrated, 198 pages Published: 17th August 2017   “Wow, that was brilliant!” Can you remember anyone ever saying that about a PowerPoint filled with slide after slide of bullet points? This book is for those who know how deadly PowerPoint can be… yet want to use it brilliantly to wow an audience.

Mission: Leadership

Author: Ben Morton ISBN: 9781907282713 Paperback, illustrated, 252 pages Published: 26th January 2016   In our workplaces there are victims, villains and heroes. Which are you? And how do you shift from being the victim or the villain to the hero? Excellent leadership liberates teams and individuals— allowing you to create great results, enjoy your work and appreciate

The Heist: Cracking the Marketing Code Through Authoring a Book (The Publisher’s Guide)

Authors: Martyn Pentecost & Richard Hagen ISBN: 9781907282249 Paperback, illustrated, 96 pages Published: 15th September 2016 Do competitors in your field with a lot less experience, insight and expertise gain more clients than you do? Are potential clients confused about what they truly need, where to go for solutions and who they can trust to deliver? Have you been burnt

Legacy—You Get One Life… Make it Remarkable

Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282485 Paperback, illustrated, 222 pages Published: 27th June 2016 Life is fleeting... ...why not make yours last forever? People believe that immortality is impossible. Looking inside you can discover this is not true. You will explore a powerful way to make a lasting impression upon the world. Everyone of us can achieve immortality

The Key in Your Pocket

Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282447 Paperback, illustrated, 128 pages Published: 11th November 2016 Discover the powerful strategies of The Key to Business and Personal Success in this handy little pocket book. Sumptuously illustrated throughout, this remarkable collection of resources revisits the foundations of The Key as a quick-reference guide that will transform how you view your life, business and

vReiki Two: The Reiki Revolution Practitioner

Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282621 Paperback, illustrated, 220 pages Published: 15th January 2013 The art of healing is a magical and rewarding profession that not only helps to improve the lives of other people, it is also ultimately life-affirming to the Practitioner. The knowledge that there truly are intelligent forces beyond our comprehension offers the deep insight

vReiki One: Introduction to the Reiki Revolution

Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282614 Paperback, illustrated, 126 pages Published: 15th January 2013 You are a spark of Divine Purpose. Your life is innately intertwined with the quest for deeply profound experiences and the creation of a remarkable legacy. However, so many people limit their abilities, focus on hardship, and live their life by default, rather

The Key: To Business and Personal Success

Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282171 Hardback, illustrated, 358 pages Published: 28th February 2011 This unique book challenges the simple mantras and quick-fix strategies that are often offered in contemporary business and personal development. The Key gives you an individual method for creating enduring success in all areas of life. Your world, your business, your experience, your life