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Mission: Leadership

Author: Ben Morton ISBN: 9781907282713 Paperback, illustrated, 252 pages Published: 26th January 2016   In our workplaces there are victims, villains and heroes. Which are you? And how do you shift from being the victim or the villain to the hero? Excellent leadership liberates teams and individuals— allowing you to create great results, enjoy your work and appreciate

The Little Book of Leadership

Author: Ben Morton ISBN: 9781907282508 Paperback, colour illustrated, 56 pages Published: 18th January 2016 There is a simple formula to help you lead your team to greater success. Basics Done Well + Ruthless Consistency = High Performance In this pocket-sized book you will find tiny ideas and tips that, when applied consistently, will transform your leadership abilities, the relationships you

Don’t Just Manage—Coach!

Author: Ben Morton ISBN: 9781907282607 Paperback, colour illustrated, 128 pages Published: 18th September 2014 Why just manage, when you can coach your team to success? •Ensure that you are leading your team, rather than micromanaging. •Create valuable new ways of thinking in times of crisis. •Discover practical models that will help you coach your team. •Develop coaching mastery in your