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Shattered Dreams & Scorpions at Midnight – a search for sanctuary

Author: Miriam McGuirk

ISBN: 978-1-907282-63-8

Paperback, 190 pages

Published: 4th June 2015
Miriam, feeling the pressure, knew it was time for change. The stress of living with M.E. had become unbearable. So in 2003 she moved to south-west Turkey. She dreamt of finding a sanctuary, a place to heal by the sea.

The first steps into this new world were not as easy as expected and many of Miriam’s early dreams were shattered. With her superhero husband, CJ, she ventured up into the mountains… where a new life awaited them and where dreams could once again flourish.

In Shattered Dreams & Scorpions at Midnight the rich tapestry of traditional village life unfolds in a series of fun adventures. Scorpions, chickens, dogs, dentists, decorators and charming market stallholders are only a few of the characters who populate this collection of short stories.

Miriam’s quirky sense of humour and honest self-reflection will enchant you as you share with her a renewed zest for life. Discover how each adventure brings new discoveries, new challenges and new ways to find peace and healing.

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