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Our latest title is The Heist, an exciting Marketing book for creative thinkers and bold entrepreneurs who want to reach a new audience.

The Heist: Cracking the Marketing Code Through Authoring a Book (The Publisher’s Guide)

Do competitors in your field with a lot less experience, insight and expertise gain more clients than you do?

Are potential clients confused about what they truly need, where to go for solutions and who they can trust to deliver?

Have you been burnt by slick social-media gurus who’ve sold you a tactical campaign but didn’t bring results?

Do you feel that, despite your efforts, you are making little headway in your market?

Most marketing approaches are tactical, do this and x will happen, do y and you’ll sell z products… At least that is the promise, rarely do these basic tactics truly deliver.

This Publisher’s Guide, designed for experts and business owners, helps you develop a rich marketing strategy that you are always in control of and which is always true to your message.

Your clients are trapped and they are waiting for you to rescue them. Discover how you can create compelling books, content and products that attract prospects, inform them about your solutions and convert them to satisfied customers and clients.