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Your book is special; you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating something that is a very unique and powerful expression of who you are. No voice is quite like yours and we believe that you deserve something special when it comes to publishing your title.

When your manuscript is accepted, we will collaborate with you to sculpt the final publication in a way that best suits your voice. Together we will create a title that will ‘wow’ your audience, whether it be a traditional black and white book, a full-colour extravaganza, or one of our leading-edge transmedia VAEOs.

We are currently considering submissions for future publication, so if you have a manuscript that you would like us to read, please begin the proposal process using the information below.

We are currently accepting both fiction and non-fiction titles, and are especially interested in VAEO titles for The Alternate Reality Company imprint.

To submit your project proposal, please send the following to us:

  1. A brief synopsis of your title
  2. The first three chapters
  3. Your title’s brand and marketing proposal

You can email this to us at, with the title Submission: [the title of your manuscript and name].