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Storyselling Give Your Business A Happily Ever After Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282591 Paperback, 300 pages - Illustrated in full colour throughout Published: 19 September 2019 Every time you create a piece of media you are selling… Selling your ideas, your business, and most of all, yourself. From every blog to book and vid to vodcast, you are communicating not only what

When Fish Climb Trees

When Fish Climb Trees Can-do Leadership in a World of Can't Author: Mel Loizou ISBN: 9781907282850 Paperback, 234 pages Published: 11 April 2019 You are about to speak… Everyone says they know how the world works. Yet they don’t get the results they want. Miserable work environments. Bosses that bully. Tasks that destroy the soul. A lurching seesaw