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Book cover Dancing with Fear and Confidence: large image of a bright phoenix rising over a dark background

Dancing with Fear and Confidence

How to liberate yourself and your career in mid-life Author: Laura Walker ISBN: 9781907282942 Paperback, 158 pages – b&w with illustrations Published: 12 November 2020 When you want to escape the


Storyselling Give Your Business A Happily Ever After Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282591 Paperback, 300 pages - Illustrated in full colour throughout Published: 19 September 2019 Every time you create a piece

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Legacy—You Get One Life… Make it Remarkable

Author: Martyn Pentecost ISBN: 9781907282485 Paperback, illustrated, 222 pages Published: 27th June 2016 Life is fleeting... ...why not make yours last forever? People believe that immortality is impossible. Looking inside you can