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(Part Two of The Sparkle of Dust Trilogy)

Martyn S. Pentecost and Alex Casey
ISBN: 978-1-907282-99-7

Publication: 28/9/2023

Tommy lives in the great big Blue, the bluest blue you ever knew.

Tommy is different to the other Tompot Blennies in The Blue, because Tommy is empathic. He feels the pain and distress of others and wants to help them. However, the other Tompots bully him for being so sensitive. Even his father gets angry at Tommy, just for being himself.

So Tommy and his best friend, Benny, decide to go in search of advice from the fabled Fortuna Teller. On their journey, they play games and have adventures many! And Tommy learns that what others may see as a fault, is really his greatest superpower.

Blue is Book Two in The Sparkle of Dust Trilogy

The Sparkle of Dust Trilogy

We are all made of dust.

The dust of ancient stars that died a long time ago.

We only get one, fleeting life in which to shine. But first, we must be true to ourselves, know the person we are and be, with every breath, the best we can be.

It is only then we shine a light upon who we truly are.

And, for the briefest of moments, we become a sparkle of dust.