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Death by Chocolate: Murder at Truff Hall

Author: Martyn S. Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282379

Paperback, colour illustrated, 106 pages

Published: 25th September 2012

Nestled away in the tiny hamlet of Slippery End lies Truff Hall. The ghosts who wander the lonely corridors of this archaic mansion, are almost as numerous as the secrets; hidden away by the chocolatier who built this crumbling edifice. Now, the last of the Buerre dynasty, Coco, is to hold a lavish dinner party for a handful of guests… it is a soiree with a very dark and bitter twist! Tonight at Truff Hall a hideous murder has been committed… and it is down to you and your friends to discover who committed this terrible crime.

By solving the cryptic puzzles, uncovering the clues, playing forfeits, and eating chocolate can you discover the truth before it is too late?

From the crime journals of Florian Bamboozie, this comical and immersive adventure will take you on a dinner party to remember, as it twists and turns towards the final starling conclusion… of Death by Chocolate!

Recommended for four players or more, with smartphones, this immersive VAEO will envelop you and your friends using the book, music, narration and interactive content. Two player mode is also an option for a longer adventure. With additional online features you can turn this experience into a whole evening of entertainment with recipes, downloadable ‘decor’ and a whole lot more.