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Does the obsession with lifestyle destroy our chances at leaving a legacy?

The daily grind dominates most of our working lives. 

Whether it be the 9 to 5 office commute into the city, or the more recent rise of remote working from home, our society stresses believe in a strong work life and schedule. 

Whilst most would appreciate being able to do what they love, often you see people pushed to live an ideal life in terms of what can pay the bills and create financial security. 

But will you be remembered for?

Your legacy may not be something you’ve ever considered before. Of course, you’ve been more preoccupied trying to gain success in your field, but what will you ultimately be remembered for? 

Is it for staying behind a computer for hours staring at code? Is it for meeting after meeting that ends up going nowhere?

Now it’s time for valuable action.

Remember your dreams as a child. When we’re younger, free of the burdens of life, we’re able to reach for the stars, imagining ourselves achieving the highest of heights without question. 

This may seem impossible or naïve but ask yourself again now…

What goal would you like to achieve? What legacy would you want to leave behind?

Once again, what will you be remembered for?

Think about your future. If you’re in a career going nowhere, it’s time for change. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re working on, it’s time to start pursuing something long-lasting.

As individuals, we can strive to make the world a better place however we can. That might feel impossible to do by yourself, which may leave you feeling powerless about your own situation.

But for the sake of your own legacy, implore yourself to take that first step to leaving a mark on this world, and rising above the normalcy around you to make something powerful and impactful. 

What will you leave behind? A normal lifestyle, or an astounding legacy?

This blog is a reflection on “Legacy” by Martyn Pentecost, which explores the impact that you can leave on the world and other people through transforming your own life. Find out more here.