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Mission: Leadership

Author: Ben Morton

ISBN: 9781907282713

Paperback, illustrated, 252 pages

Published: 26th January 2016


In our workplaces there are victims, villains and heroes. Which are you? And how do you shift from being the victim or the villain to the hero?

Excellent leadership liberates teams and individuals— allowing you to create great results, enjoy your work and appreciate the company you work for.

Villainous leadership leaves behind a trail of disaster, broken individuals and teams, low morale and poor results.

In Mission: Leadership Ben Morton uncovers what makes a great leader and reveals how you too can become great.

Ben’s rich and dramatic experience as a leader, in the army and in the corporate world, provides the backdrop to the core principles of leadership.

But it is your story, your experience of leadership and the challenges you encounter day by day, that is at the heart of this book. Provocative, playful leadership parables help you discover your own leadership identity, strengths and flaws.

As you scrutinise the clues in each parable, you will uncover the key factors to avoiding both victim and villain traps—and step into your true leadership potential.

So many victims and villains need a hero to rescue them, to show them a better way. Are you ready for the challenge?