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Pink: The next Sparkle of Dust flies onto Kickstarter

A little mote of stardust takes shape as the universe spins into being. And so the adventure begins—exploring, experiencing and guiding us on a journey through human history, particularly of those men who are different, distinctive and diverge from the expectations of society.

Pink is a uniquely powerful book for young adults and children, those who care for them and those who wish they’d had Pink when they were growing up.

Rather than repress or ignore the gay history that winds through the biased history we are taught, Pink invites everyone to explore, embrace and be energised by this tragic, painful, yet remarkable tale of human resilience and beauty.

Whilst Pink tackles a big topic, it does this with the gentlest of touches, with oodles of compassion and care, with an encouragement for readers to embrace your own difference, whether you are ten, twenty-one or seventy-one.

With your help, Pink will be published in July 2024. It will have 94 full-colour illustrated pages, 8.5″ x 8.5″ (216×216 mm). As you can see from the project video this is a hand- illustrated project in digital media.

Your support in publishing Pink will allow us to dedicate more time, resources and energy to the development of this project so we can complete it in a shorter period of time. It will also allow us to create a richer set of  resources for parents, carers and teachers.