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Transmedia is a unique and very specific form of publishing. A Transmedia title uses various forms of media, such as video, audio, and online interaction, as well as printed books and other sensory items.

Yet, whereas multimedia is a collection of different media elements placed together, Transmedia is layered in a particular way. This layering focuses on the actual environment of the reader – their physical space and the people or objects in it.

Transmedia also delivers content over time and in ways that include aromas, tastes, activities, textures, and a whole other range of experiences.

Many titles are ‘Social Transmedia’ which involve interaction between readers, or in a social setting.

Authors (or ‘Architects’) of Transmedia titles are not just telling linear stories; they build worlds in which the stories take place… and that differ from reader to reader, so that each person has a unique journey through the title.

Often, a Transmedia title will centre around a VAEO. These are printed books that act as a gateway into the world or ecosystem. Using a smartphone or tablet, the reader will interact with the book to unleash various sensory experiences that may differ, depending on where the reader is or who they are with.

Titles may also be available as iBooks, self-contained titles that are designed for use with iPads.