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vReiki Two: The Reiki Revolution Practitioner

Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282621

Paperback, illustrated, 220 pages

Published: 15th January 2013

The art of healing is a magical and rewarding profession that not only helps to improve the lives of other people, it is also ultimately life-affirming to the Practitioner. The knowledge that there truly are intelligent forces beyond our comprehension offers the deep insight that there is more to the world than we can ever know.

There is so much more to Reiki Practitionership than treatment, however, for the joy of practising our connection to Reiki and how we express our interactions with it in the world, transcend the limits that tend to be placed upon the ‘therapist’. In this Home Experience you will be invited to explore the traditions and advancements of both Usui Reiki and vReiki, as you become a successful practitioner, mentor, consultant, and business person… assured of who you are and how to achieve your own, unique legacy.

The second part in a major new Home Experience, the Reiki Revolution vReiki Two book, opens up a vast Virtual Realm of experience, including Orientations (attunements of empowerments) to Usui Reiki Two and Three, in addition to vReiki Two, audio companions, interactive treatment guides, and a whole range of enchanting, thrilling adventures.