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When the Going Gets Tough

When the Going Gets Tough: A journey from the streets of Northern Ireland to effective leadership in life and business

Steve McNally
ISBN: 978-1-907282-98-0

Publication: 21/9/2023




These are the explosive opening scenes of a journey from passive victim to powerful leadership.

From Portadown, Northern Ireland, to the Royal Opera House and the Welsh mountains. From the war-ravaged landscape of Sierra Leone to corporate boardrooms and black-tie awards ceremonies.

Your life’s journey has different locations, dramatic events and challenges along the way. Steve McNally retells his powerful story with honesty and vulnerability so you can see your own inner journey clearly.

His early years navigating The Troubles, then the trials and triumphs of military life, and latterly the challenges of corporate leadership and delights of fatherhood, create a rich window into personal leadership, resilience and strategies for coping with the complexities of both the modern world and your own inner world.

Rich with insight and practical tools designed to help you claim and develop your personal leadership and resilience, When the Going Gets Tough, is a true-to-life tale that empowers you to…