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Your Money or Your Life

Your Money or Your Life

Unmask the highway robbers-Enjoy wealth in every area of your life

Author: Steve Conley

ISBN: 9781907282775

Paperback, 170 pages

Published: 6 June 2019

If you are two pay cheques from poverty…

You are not alone. More than 60% of people in the UK are in the same terrifying position:

Shackled to the treadmill of work existence, chasing money blindly to the grave.

What must you do? Who do you turn to? Who has your back? Can anyone help you?

It certainly isn’t the banks or old-school financial advisors. They have created the system that makes sure you stay stuck on the treadmill.

Working all hours or drowning in debt doesn’t make your life easier to manage. You have been forced into choosing between your money or your life. Yet you know there should be more, that there must be more…


In your hands, through this book, you have the chance to take back control and be more.

Steve was the ultimate award-winning bank insider. But when the banks realised his approach would hand their lucrative control of the game to ordinary folk, they forced him out.

He uncovers the lies that led you into debt and dead-end jobs and reveals the secrets that will lead you to freedom: financial, and so much more.

You do not need to choose between Your Money or Your Life—learn to play the game where you can enjoy both.

STOP being held up by highway robbers. Stop being forced to stand and deliver to the greedy bankers.

NOW it is time to learn the real rules of the GAME and become the grandmaster rather than the pawn.


About the Author

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