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Don’t Just Manage—Coach!

Author: Ben Morton

ISBN: 9781907282607

Paperback, colour illustrated, 128 pages

Published: 18th September 2014

Why just manage, when you can coach your team to success?

•Ensure that you are leading your team, rather than micromanaging.

•Create valuable new ways of thinking in times of crisis.

•Discover practical models that will help you coach your team.

•Develop coaching mastery in your office every day.

And much more!

In this concise and practical guide, world-class coach, Ben Morton, shares the key insights and tools from his years of experience leading teams to success. You will be guided through the challenges you face as a manager-coach and discover how to lead teams that become more and more confident, self-reliant and successful.

Through his engaging style, Ben will encourage you to trust your own leadership ability and move to the next level of coaching success.

This book also acts as a gateway to an online resource of audio, visual, and interactive content that will help you create a rich coaching ethos in your environment throughout your working day.

Ben Morton is an accomplished team-development consultant and coach. Ho works with both small businesses and international brands. His corporate insight is enhanced by a military background, giving him a unique insight into the dynamics of successful teams and inspirational leadership.