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Training & Home Study Packages that come to life in your hand!

Learning a new subject from the comfort of your home can offer you opportunities that you might not otherwise be able to attain.

Whether it be working with an expert who is located faraway, time constraints, other commitments, of financial considerations, home study can provide you with a solution.

It does require self-motivation and discipline, however, and many remote-study courses fail to engage.

mPowr Home Experiences are multi-sensory, Transmedia packages that integrate text, interaction, audio, and video to create an immersive journey as you learn.

From musically-scored screenscapes to video mentoring, interactive conundrums to audio companions that go wherever you go, these magical study packages are unlike anything you have encountered before…

mPowr also offer you a place where eBooks meet sound and vision to create an interactive, audio, video experience
that brings your book to life.

mPowr Publishing iBooks offer you the thrills of a printed VAEO, with the convenience of an app…