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Legacy—You Get One Life… Make it Remarkable

Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282485

Paperback, illustrated, 222 pages

Published: 27th June 2016

Life is fleeting… …why not make yours last forever? People believe that immortality is impossible. Looking inside you can discover this is not true. You will explore a powerful way to make a lasting impression upon the world. Everyone of us can achieve immortality by leaving a profound legacy. Yet most spend their lives without thought and disappear into an abyss of the forgotten. A few, like you, will choose to live life to the full and transform the lives of many.

Uncover the true nature of legacy, harness its secrets and make your mark on the world… Through your relationships Through your art, creativity and skills Through your work or business This book takes you on a journey of inspiration, insight and transformation. It equips you to discover, define and deliver your unique personal legacy. From the originator of The Key, Creative Writing Therapy (CWT) and Celtic Reiki, comes a book that can change your life so you can change the lives of many others. Life is fleeting… leave your legacy!