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Thank you for your interest in submitting your book manuscript to mPowr. We highly recommend that you review the following videos which contain important information that will help you maximise your chances of being accepted for publication.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently updating our submissions and publishing process. These videos are a few years old and it is likely that some of the details described in them will change under the new system. Please be aware of this once the submission process reopens.

An Introduction to mPowr Publishing from mPowr on Vimeo.

2 mPowr is a Traditional Publisher from mPowr on Vimeo.

The Author is the Best Seller 3 from mPowr on Vimeo.

Submitting Your Manuscript 4 from mPowr on Vimeo.

mPowr’s Decision-Making Process 5 from mPowr on Vimeo.

The Author Agreement 6 from mPowr on Vimeo.