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The Mastery of Celtic Reiki: A Workbook

Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282027

Paperback, 232 pages

Published: 11th November 2009

This workbook, designed by the originator of Celtic Reiki, enables those who want to develop their knowledge and skills in this art to a new level. Crammed with exercises, information on Celtic and non-Celtic essences and advice on teaching others this book shares the fruits of fifteen years of development by the originator and will become an indispensable reference work for all Celtic Reiki Masters.

The author: “This book of Mastery not only builds on the principles of the other Celtic Reiki books and the actual courses and seminars; it is a call to action for everybody connected to Celtic Reiki, a way of us all gathering around a huge campfire and sharing a tale or two together as a family. Those tales would enable us to step back into the world, now with a renewed sense of vigour, direction and purpose. If you are a Celtic Reiki Master, Practitioner, or Student, it’s my heartfelt wish that this book offer inspiration and sparks of insight to help you grow your practice and seminars.

If you are exploring the idea of learning Celtic Reiki yourself or would like Celtic Reiki treatments, this book will show you what to expect and how to assess the right Master for your own needs. I have always seen Celtic Reiki as a gift, given by the trees, which over time, I have defined and sculpted according to my own sense of innate truth. The results of which, I wanted to share with others, so that they might discover their own truth and wisdom.

I perceive this book as a gift also. It is my way of saying thank you to everybody who has created joy through their Celtic Reiki practice and teachings. It is my way of showing gratitude to you, my fellow Master, traveller, explorer and friend.”