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vPsychic Adventures

Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282058

Paperback, 200 pages

Published: 28th February 2010

On general release for the first time ever, you can now discover the most powerful secrets of vPsychic Mediumship. From working with Lost Souls to Trance Mediumship, the Secret Skills to the mind-blowing Energis:V skills, this book explores the techniques used by renowned vPsychic Mediums.

A companion workbook to vPsychic (also published by mPowr), you begin with the basic forms of sensing and communication with the unseen realms around us. Progressing through Psychic and Past-Life Readings, Warrior Techniques, Astral Travel and Bi-location, you can even work with the mystical Viridian arts, some of the most closely guarded secrets of the vPsychic. Revealing many of the methods used by Paranormal Event Mediums and casting off the veil of mystery surrounding how Mediums do what they do, you can boost your psychic abilities to mind-blowing levels, even if you have never experienced anything supernatural before.

Challenging the clandestine nature and dogmatic approach of many Psychic Mediums, Martyn Pentecost (originator of vPsychic Mediumship) reveals the power of the psychic ability. By highlighting the ‘sleight-of-mind’ techniques, subliminal methods, and deceptions used by some, you can see beyond these illusions and unleash your real psychic skills,  which are unlike anything you have ever experienced…