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Why celebrating your pride leads to celebrating your success

Pride flag (rainbow colours) with two hands in front of it. The hands are shaped into a heart.

The feeling of pride is complex.

It is most simply tied to the satisfaction that you would get just by doing something good. Maybe you might get this from finishing a simple task, impressing a superior with an original perspective on a project, or finally mastering that one recipe you’ve been trying to perfect for months. Taking pride in the small things, both personal and professional, is nothing to be afraid of.

However, the word pride naturally comes with many negative connotations. Pride in excess can be dangerous—a sin in some religious cultures. The idea that this feeling of pleasure can so swiftly transform into scorn at other people may seem surprising, but it only takes a negative, selfish mindset to start this dangerous egocentric journey into the darker side of pride.

“How can they possibly compare to you? If they had your talents, they’d be just as successful! They must be jealous!”

This kind of thinking, as I’m sure you can see, is dangerous.

Treating others with scorn to puff up your own sense of ego will only be damaging in the long run, especially on your path to personal enlightenment. After all, everyone is on their own journey, and some people may simply be on a step below you—it’s nothing to scorn, as ultimately you and the people around you are still on the same path!


Pride can, especially in the modern sense, be even more empowering and enticing without being toxic and destructive to others. The month of June, or “Pride Month” as adopted by the LGBTQ+ community, demonstrates how the reclamation of pride as something to celebrate rather than suppress shows how, ultimately, love and generosity in pride is the best answer.

Generations of people have protested to show their pride, and thus the modern day experience is a celebration as much as it is a reclamation of identity.

Living your true self and not being afraid to be the unique, amazing individual that you are is something to take comfort in. Having a whole community of people filled with the same love and acceptance only makes that much more of an impact.


It is also often said that if you don’t take professional pride in your work, you’re probably in the wrong job.

Many people initially scoff at this—after all, work is work. To most, it’s the necessary process that gets you from 9 to 5, yet to those like yourself who wish to break the mould and crave further success, it shouldn’t be that simple. Being able to take pride in the work that you’re doing on a productive and emotional level is especially important, both for your business and your personal development.

Aim to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and take comfort in knowing that you have the strength to continue onwards. Showing gratitude and appreciation towards those that have helped get you to this point is key. People are nothing without each other, and truly acknowledging the great influences in your life will only stimulate further progress.

Courage is key to continue your journey and take the next leap onwards in your own personal development.

Having the security and support of those around you, rather than seeing jealousy every place you turn will only make your path that much easier to navigate.

This ultimate source of exhilaration will help you ascend even further towards business enlightenment! Take courage in thanking those around you, and you’ll be one step closer to achieving even more of your goals!

This blog is the first in a series of reflections on “The Spiral Staircase” a personal emotional tracking and management tool which is part of “The Key to Business and Personal Success” by Martyn Pentecost. Find out more here.
The Key: To Business and Personal Success