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Your Slides Suck

Author: David Henson

ISBN: 9781907282782

Paperback, illustrated, 198 pages

Published: 17th August 2017


“Wow, that was brilliant!” Can you remember anyone ever saying that about a PowerPoint filled with slide after slide of bullet points? This book is for those who know how deadly PowerPoint can be… yet want to use it brilliantly to wow an audience. Now it is time to prepare your own presentations and make them better—much better. You need simple, clear, powerful and effective advice from an expert in visual communication and business presentations. You need practical, step-by-step strategies that will bury bullet points for good and allow your information to make a lasting impact. David Henson walks you through every part of the presentation process, from first ideas to getting ready to walk out on stage. This PowerPoint handbook for presenters is filled with in-depth, full-colour illustrations and explanations. The linked tutorial videos make it easy to apply the tips to your own slides. Use this book to revolutionise your slides, your presentations and your results. And wow your audience at the same time…