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Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282331

Paperback, colour illustrated, 104 pages

Published: 11th May 2011

You are invited to envelop yourself in the most exquisite of mysteries.

As you turn the pages that follow ask yourself the question: What is VAEO? Is it a puzzle to be solved? Does it offer answers to questions that have otherwise eluded you? Is it something even more enigmatic? As you open the book and delve into the multi-sensory experience of words, images, sound and touch, every solution leads you deeper into the secret…

To voyage through the most immersive environments of VAEO, you can use the camera on your smartphone or tablet device to scan the QR Codes that are situated in each triptych. To do this, you will need to download a QR Scanner app, if you do not already have one. Once you have this, launch the app and hover your device over the appropriate code. This will activate the links to the virtual realms of VAEO and heighten your experience. For even more immersion, use stereo headphones.

If you do not have a suitable device, you can still access the virtual realms by registering at where you can also discover bonus triptychs and clues to help guide you onwards, through the VAEO experience.