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DARE – Domestic Abuse Rescue Essentials

DARE: How to claim your freedom when the need to leave overcomes the reasons to stay

Author: Diana Onuma

ISBN: 9781907282928

Paperback, illustrated, 106 pages

Published: 8 March 2019

Are you ready to DARE?

Are you desperate to break free from the relationship that once offered so much but now traps, restricts and damages you and those around you?

Perhaps you are not quite ready, but know you need to start preparing. It is time to start thinking about and planning for a way out, a way forward. The grip of fear can be released day by day, step by step.

In DARE, Domestic Abuse Rescue Essentials, Diana Onuma (an experienced personal freedom mentor) helps you design and build a new life from the basics up.

Challenging and inspiring true stories show you not only that it is possible, but that with support and effective strategies it is your right to be free.

Diana’s tried and tested practical approach will gently help you unlock the shackles of the past and experience new freedom in all areas of your life.

Is it time to DARE?