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How to Make a Confident and Memorable Wedding Speech

Author: Graham Le-Gall

ISBN: 9781907282829

Paperback, 160 pages

Published: 26th April 2018

When you discover you have to make a wedding speech it can be terrifying. This means that the big day for the happy couple can become a nightmare for you.

This book will help you to get over your fear, so you can enjoy delivering a memorable wedding speech.

You will learn effective, simple techniques which build confidence and create powerful speeches… AND you will discover how to present the speech with passion, personality and poise.

Stories shared in a speech stick in your mind and make the biggest impact. Stories are powerful and easy to remember.

So, meet Reg (the green-fingered guru who will take you from wedding-speech zero to wedding-day hero). In this true-to-life tale, Ashley, and the rest of the wedding party, will demonstrate everything you need to know and do on the big day.

Follow the guidance in this book and YOUR SPEECH WILL BE REMEMBERED… for all the right reasons!