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Hire Power

Author: John Wallace

ISBN: 9781907282836

Paperback, 214 pages

Published: 9th November 2017


There is an elephant in the corporate corner. It is a constant threat to business that CEOs and HR directors often don’t even know exists.

In Hire Power John Wallace exposes the danger, explains why it is present throughout businesses of all kinds—then describes powerful, tested and simple ways you can turn this area of threat into a competitive advantage.

87% of CEOs struggle to find the right people, for the right jobs, at the right time. Yet they don’t know what to do about this—accepting the familiar, reactive approach that has made this a constant issue.

Not only does this have disastrous impacts on your turnover and capability, it strangles your potential for sustainable growth. It is time to switch from reactive to strategic mode.

Applying this strategic resourcing approach will transform “people are your best resource” from rhetoric to reality.