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Give Your Business A Happily Ever After

Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282591

Paperback, 300 pages – Illustrated in full colour throughout

Published: 19 September 2019

Every time you create a piece of media you are selling

Selling your ideas, your business, and most of all, yourself.

From every blog to book and vid to vodcast, you are communicating not only what you want your audience to know, but a whole range of other things.

To be sure you are telling the story you want to tell, your narrative needs crafting: sculpt it in ways that communicate value to your audience, whilst always building trust.

This is a key element in your transition from expert in your field to leader.

Many businesses that should be attracting many more customers can deliver brilliant results, but they can’t communicate their message as effectively as the quick-fix, snake oil salesfolk can.

Storyselling is designed to help brilliant businesses share their message, attract their ideal clients and create extraordinary results for customers and the business.

Shallow, tactical marketing gurus press emotional buttons and expect a buy now response. But your audience, customers and future clients are far too savvy for this superficial manipulation.

In this guide to the art and science of Storyselling you will discover how to:

  • Break through the media noise everyone is drowning in
  • Inspire your audience to the potential of what could be, rather than just giving them information, which triggers the “I know that already” attitude
  • Present your expertise and solutions in attention-grabbing ways
  • Keep your audience enthralled with your message
  • Influence your clients and customers to seek out your next thing

It is time…

to change the narrative!

Start Storyselling.


This guide to storyselling your business is the combined experience of a fantasy novelist, translator between creatives and technologists, complementary therapy systems’ developer and the co-founder and creative director of a transmedia publishing company.

If traditional marketing doesn’t come naturally to you or you are frustrated with its approach… If you are brilliant at creating value for your clients and customers… Then mixing the insights and tools of Storyselling with your own experience and wisdom will equip you to share the story of your business in unique, new, effective ways. You will know how to change the world of your clients, customers, colleagues and potential customers for ever…