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vReiki One: Introduction to the Reiki Revolution

Author: Martyn Pentecost

ISBN: 9781907282614

Paperback, illustrated, 126 pages

Published: 15th January 2013

You are a spark of Divine Purpose. Your life is innately intertwined with the quest for deeply profound experiences and the creation of a remarkable legacy. However, so many people limit their abilities, focus on hardship, and live their life by default, rather than design.

Even when we are presented with a powerful and magical way form of energy, we limit it to a view of what it ‘should be’ and ‘how it must be used’. In this Reiki Revolution we explore the untold wonders of Usui Reiki and venture onwards to the multifaceted vReiki. You will journey through the secrets of Reiki therapy and back to the roots of Ki philosophy; principles that are thousands of years old.

In this introduction, you will take the first steps to create your unique legacy, living your life to the full, using the powerful force of Reiki, the mysterious force of Tsuki, and the psychic dynamics of Jiki.

The first part in a major new Home Experience. The Reiki Revolution vReikio One book, opens up access to a vast virtual realm of experience, including Orientations (attunements or empowerments) to Usui Reiki One and vReiki One, audio companions, interactive treatment guides, and a whole range of enchanting, thrilling adventures.

Part one of four in The Reiki Revolution Home Experience from Martyn Pentecost (originator of vReiki) and mPowr the official professional body of vReiki Mastery.Reiki Revolution.